12 Best Animated Dads from TV

12 Best Animated Dads from TV

Back in March we celebrated Mother’s Day by looking at the Best Animated Mums from TV Shows. Yesterday it was Father’s Day, so of course it made sense to do the same and celebrate the best Animated Dads in TV shows. Just like mum’s, dad’s can come in all shapes, sizes and even dimensions, with some of our best pop culture fathers coming from animated TV shows. Whether they’re making us laugh, protecting their little ones or just being the supportive and loving guys we want to see on TV, they embody the best things about being a dad. 


Papa Smurf (The Smurfs)

Papa Smurf Animated Father

As the village elder Papa Smurf is definitely the father figure to all the other Smurfs. Whenever council or advice is needed this is the man to go to for it. He teaches them leadership, teamwork and respect for everyone around them, making Smurf Village a happy place to live. Being able to use magic and alchemy he keeps his ‘little Smurfs’ safe and sound. 

Stu Pickles (Rugrats)

Stu Pickles Best Animated Dads

The loving husband of Didi Pickles, fun father to Tommy and Dill and zany inventor of children’s toys, Stu Pickles is definitely a great dad. Stu is completely loving to his family and is really just a big kid himself, without ever forgetting his responsibility, well not for too long anyway. He’s sweet and caring and wants to give his sons the most amazing toys in the world. 

Goofy (Goofy Troop)

Goofy Animated Father

In 1992 beloved Disney character Goofy gained a pre-teen son, Max. As a single parent Goofy does his absolute best to make sure that Max is loved and well taken care of, mostly in his own humorous and eccentric way. He is a sweet father who may embarrass Max slightly but is always there with good intentions. Plus, we can’t forget the subsequent A Goofy Movie that has some absolutely beautiful moments of bonding between the two. 

Grandpa Phil (Hey Arnold!)

Grandpa Phil Hey Arnold!

Good old ‘Steely Phil’ is the kooky kind of Grandfather we all want. Alongside his wife, Grandma Gertie, or ‘Pookie’ as he likes to call her, he looks after his grandson Arnold after his parents left and never returned. He may not always say the right thing but his intentions are always good and loving and he both adores and protects Arnold. 

Randy Marsh (South Park)

Randy Marsh Animated Dads

South Park may not seem like the show to have shining examples of fathers, and in all honesty Randy is not a perfect role model. However, he is still a pretty damn good dad considering the circumstances. Sure he’s dysfunctional and has a fair few problems, but he’s also a caring and well-meaning father trying to do his best. 

Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys)

Nigel Thornberry The Wild Thornberrys

A man of nature, Nigel Thorberry studies animals and hosts his own wildlife show. He’s also a caring and devoted father to his daughters Eliza and Debbie who follow him on his adventures. He is constantly enthusiastic but also very protective. Plus the man was voiced by a legend, Tim bloody Curry. Smashing!

Professor Utonium (The Powerpuff Girls)

Professor Utonium  Best Animated Dads from TV

Being a single parent is difficult, even more so when the three daughters you are raising are superheroes. When Professor Utonium combined ‘sugar, spice, and everything nice’ he created three little girls Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, but the added Chemical X gave them superpowers. He’s a lovable nerd who acts as the father figure to them, giving them advice helping them defeat evil and grow up feeling loved. 

Cosmo (The Fairly OddParents)

Cosmo The Fairly OddParents Animated Dads Best

As one of Timmy Turner’s fairy godparents, alongside his wife Wanda, it is Cosmo’s job to look after him and give him the attention he so rarely gets from his absentee parents. He may not be the brightest, often leading Timmy astray by granting wishes incorrectly, but when steered by the much more level headed Wanda he is a great father figure who brings carefree energy to the mix. 

Bob Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Bobs Burgers Bob Belcher Best Animated TV Dads

He may be unlucky and a little financially unstable but Bob Belcher is one hell of a burger chef and a damn fine father. He’s enthusiastic about his children’s efforts and will always come round to the positive side of the situation. He is super patient with his three children, Tina, Gene and Louise and his free spirited wife Linda. Accepting and sweet he’s a delight and number one for burger related puns. 

Greg Universe (Steven Universe)

Steven Universe Greg Universe

It can be hard to look after a child no matter what, but looking after one who is half-gem and often off on dangerous missions is even harder. Greg always makes time for his son Steven, even if he can’t provide him with material belongings, he’s always there for him. He has Steven’s best interests at heart and gives him the best chance by letting him be with those who are like him. 

Elliot Birch (Big Mouth)

Big Mouth Elliot Birch

Nobody can ever say that Elliot Birch is not a loving and adoring father. To his three children, Nick, Leah and Judd, may see him as embarrassing, overly affectionate and even cringe inducing at points, but his openness, honesty and unwavering love for his family is so positive to see. He always has time for his children and even comes through for some of the other kids on the show, being the parental figure they lack. What a guy. 

Josh Singleton (Close Enough)

Josh Singleton Close Enough

Lastly we have the modern fun dad, the kind of man who still acts like a child in a lot of ways but never shirks the responsibility of being a parent. Josh is raising his daughter Candice alongside his wife Emily and they are a wonderful pair. He may work a bit of a dead end job but he still finds time to pursue his dream of creating a video game and to play King Kong with his daughter or teach her how to skateboard. 


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