We’re Going to Disney World – Planning and Organising Printables

We’re Going to Disney World – Planning and Organising Printables

“We’re going to Disney World”

was the battle cry that could probably be heard across the entirety of the UK when me and my partner booked our 14-day holiday to Disney World Florida. We’ve got two weeks of theme parks ahead of us including 3 days at Universal Studios!

I’ve been a Disney fanatic and a film geek since I was iddy biddy so this holiday is an absolute dream come true. Of course, once the magic of booking it has settled in it becomes time to plan it…therein lies the minefield of endless google searches and flustered shuffling of park days. Luckily there are some amazing blogs out there that really help nail down the details and give great advice. I found some brilliant posts on fast-passes, dining experiences and park planning, then I just needed somewhere to put it all. 

That’s why I made these printables. I wanted to make sure I had a list of the rides so I knew which ones were my ‘must-do’s’ and which ones I could skip if timing became an issue. With that in mind I’ve created a few checklists and daily itinerary planners that I hope will help other people as well! They’re all A5 which means you can keep them in a small notebook and not have to lug around a massive binder on your journey. 

Help yourself!

Disney World Suitcase Checklist

Suitcase Checklist

First things first, getting the suitcase packed! Obviously you’re going to need clothes, theme parks don’t tend to approve nudity and nobody wants bare skin on a warm roller coaster seat. Sometimes though it just helps to have a checklist to follow and a few ideas of things that might not be on every holiday checklist. One thing you will notice is the lack of children’s items…for us this is a child free holiday so unfortunately I wouldn’t even know where to begin with packing for the little ones. Sorry!

Download ‘DisneyWorld Suitcase Checklist’ Printable

Disney World Daily Planner

Daily Planner

A must have for any Disney and Universal holiday is a day planner. You don’t have to go hour by hour, but it helps keep track of any fast passes, show times and extras you’d like to do. Plus, it means more phone battery for taking pictures! The first task is just deciding what parks to do on each day, making sure you give yourself some rest time and knowing which days require a taxi/shuttle to Universal. Plus, there’s a little extra spot for notes, just in case you want to keep a diary of events or don’t have an autograph book handy when your favourite character crosses your path. 

Download ‘Disney World Daily Planner’ Printable

Disney World Park ChecklistsUniversal Studios Park Checklists

Park Checklist

I do love a good list! This is really good for keeping track of yourself for either revisit days or return holidays (if you’re so lucky!). I have listed the main attractions and features of the different parks at both DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. Now you just need to tick them off! 

Download ‘Disney Magic Kingdom Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Disney Hollywood Studios Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Disney Epcot Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Disney Animal Kingdom Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Universal Studios Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Universal Island of Adventures Checklist’ Printable

Download ‘Universal Volcano Bay Checklist’ Printable

I hope these are helpful to you! If you can think of any changes or additions that could be useful please just let me know! 

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