Top 5 Brie Larson Performances So Far – An Appreciation List

Top 5 Brie Larson Performances So Far – An Appreciation List

Let’s take a minute and just appreciate the amazing Brie Larson shall we? She’s a woman of the people and her fans adore her for it. I mean, she even served them popcorn for Christ’s sake! She encourages everyone to tell their stories and to speak up, rise up and not give up. Yes I’m gushing but suck it, she is amazing.

Brie Larson Cat

So, in honour of the recent release of Captain Marvel, another shining gem in the crown of female superhero movies, I am going through my five favourite Larson performances (and one iddy biddy honourable mention).

It may not be revolutionary, the choices may not shock you, but it is a deserved and fun little list. So get on board!

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Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

Brie commands the stage as Envy Adams in this cult classic graphic novel adaptation. Playing the frontwoman of ‘The Clash At Demonhead’ Larson is clearly embodying the rock star bad girl role. Her character exudes confidence with her scathing sarcasm and incredible stage presence, even for a small role. Oh, and she actually sang that cover of ‘Black Sheep’ by Metric. Too many talents for one person.

Favourite Scene: The Clash At Demonhead perform Black Sheep…I mean it had to be right.

Brie Larson Scott Pilgrim vs The World

21 Jump Street (2012)

This is a bit of a ‘girlfriend’ role which can sometimes side-line our amazing female actors. Yet, Larson brings so much energy, charm and goofy humour to her role as Molly that she shines through in every scene she has. Her relationship with Schmidt (Jonah Hill) seems genuine and sweet without her being a complete push over. Only worrying thing is the age gap…but I guess comedy rolls how comedy rolls.

Favourite Scene: Molly goes through Phase 4. Fuck yeah Motherfucker!

Brie Larson 21 Jump Street

Room (2015)

This performance really opened the floodgates for me. Larson plays Joy, a woman who has been captive for 7 years and is raising her child in a locked room. As a mother to 5 year old Jack (played stunningly by Jacob Tremblay) she is captivating, empathetic and heart-breaking in equal measure. She truly deserved her Oscar for this as she was nuanced in every aspect of the role and her performance nearly broke me. I cried for a solid 2 hours, it just wouldn’t stop. She plays Joy as someone who is so fragile and yet so strong in her love and protection. That is the duality of her entrancing character.

Favourite Scene: Ma and Jack say goodbye to The Room. I’m going to start crying again I can just feel it.

Room The Movie GIF by A24

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Okay, so Kong: Skull Island may not have been the best film in the world, but, it was packed with action, great performances and some silly but fun bits. Larson stars as Mason, a photojournalist with an interest in, and respect for, nature. Brie puts a lot into this character and stops her from being a side-line to the male action star syndrome that these films often fall victim to. She is no damsel. It’s also the film that gave us the great pairing of Jackson and Larson, which of course leads me to my next film.

Favourite Scene: Skull Crawler attack scene. Quick thinking fire starter.

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Captain Marvel (2019)

I cannot praise this movie enough! It’s not necessarily perfect, no film truly is, but it is inspiring and proof that women can hold their own in the MCU, comic book films, action films, and the film industry in general! Larson is impeccable as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel/Vers. Her energy is invigorating and her passion for this role shines through. I love that this is a film about female friendship, no need for romance here. The core of this story is sisterhood and the strength we can give each other to rise and rise again. We feel every barb (“It’s called a cockpit for a reason”) and every comment (“Smile”) Carol receives and relish her badass responses. Every fight scene, every smart quip and every heartfelt interaction builds the character to the hero that she becomes. She is ‘Marevel’ous…sorry, it had to be done.

Favourite Scene: Rise up montage. It’s a lesson for everyone to keep going and stay strong.

Captain Marvel GIF by Marvel Studios

And here’s my honourable mention!

Community (2013-2014)

Special TV shout out to Larson’s performance as Rachel in Community. Alongside the character of Abed, she is a sweet, funny nerd who really lightens the screen. From their meet-cute in the cloakroom through to Abed’s incredibly planned out apology I adore them together. It may not be the greatest season of Community but it is made better by their relationship. Larson doesn’t shrink into the background, she demonstrates her comedic chops once again as this adorable dork.

Favourite Scene: Rachel’s coat check. Sweet, funny and pop culture loaded, this was a lovely introduction to her character.

Brie Larson Community GIF

What Next?

Not long now and it will be time for Avengers: End Game (2019)! Excited does not even cover it. Especially since the release of Captain Marvel and the acknowledged inclusion of Larson as one of the ensemble. I hope that this upcoming new Phase of the MCU will take pointers and give us more female led stories.

I also eagerly await the release of Unicorn Store (2019) to Netflix. It’s on the list and ready for its stream date of April 4th. Produced and directed by Brie herself I cannot wait to see what this holds in store for me.

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Thanks for reading! If you liked this post, I also did a list of 14 Badass Women of the MCU, check it out for more appreciation. Let me know what your favourite Larson performance was. I would also love some suggestions for other amazing talents who deserve an appreciation list of their own.


Let me know what you think!