The Kirlian Frequency – Midnight Madness on Netflix

The Kirlian Frequency – Midnight Madness on Netflix

I want to tell a little story. We’ve all been here before, it’s late, it’s dark and you’re alone in bed scrolling through the flashing lights of a Netflix screen. My partner, being the immovable object that he is when tired, had fallen asleep on the couch downstairs. We had just finished watching Pontypool, a film viewing that I’m sure increased my overall feeling of paranoia that night. So I was upstairs waiting for the sleepy thuds of the stairs to indicate him coming to bed and I decided to browse my suggestions for something to watch. This is when I found The Kirlian Frequency. Intrigue peaked I clicked play.

The Kirilian Frequency follows a late night radio DJ as he takes frightened phone ins and tells us stories of Kirlian, a strange and scary lost city somewhere in Argentina with an assortment of residents, but a lack of visitors. As I laid there watching I was transfixed by the animation that seemed to fluctuate between Sin City ocular effects and the childish, yet chilling, hand drawn style of Salad Fingers.

There were only five episodes overall, ranging from 8 to 10 mins in runtime. The stories were concise and narrated by the enthralling DJ who seems to be both a lifeline and a harbinger of doom in equal measure. One particular episode dealt with an alienated man, a helpful neighbour and a dog that knew more than it should. It left me feeling chilled and yet enraptured by the haunting and heartbreaking visuals of the graphic animation. Neon skulls, glowing eyes, branches that bend and snap at intruders and playful shadow puppetry. The Kirlian Frequency is atmospherically beautiful.

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This show was like a visual Creepypasta that unsettled as much as it intrigued. Somehow it felt like I’d stumbled upon something I shouldn’t have. If somebody told me this animated show never existed or if I woke up and checked the next day to find no trace of it anywhere I would not be surprised. I’d love to know more and see more but maybe when I search for season two I’ll simply find out I was tuned into static for 50 mins….who knows?

If you can find it, if it does exist beyond my sleep deprived brain then I highly recommend it. Just remember, those that visit Kirlian tend not to fair so well. You have been warned.


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