[PODCAST] Episode 6: Top 5 Horror Films of 2019

[PODCAST] Episode 6: Top 5 Horror Films of 2019

It’s our pre-Christmas episode everyone! We’re going to countdown our Top 5 Horror Films of 2019. We take it in turns to countdown the Horror Films of 2019 that have left the biggest impressions on us. From Creature Features to Killer Clowns all the way into Indie Exorcisms. We’ve invited a new generation of Horror Auteurs into our nightmares and re-immersed ourselves into some old classics with remakes and sequels abound. So pack up your preferred musical instrument, throw on your rose tinted nostalgia glasses and join me on a summer getaway…Sweden seems nice this time of year.

If you’re interested in my 2018 list you can check it out here: Top 10 Horror of Film of 2018

Give it a listen and let us know whether you agree. Have we missed out some of the best Horror Films of 2019 in your opinion?


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