My Five Highlights of MCM Comic Con 2018 – Bring on the GEEK!

My Five Highlights of MCM Comic Con 2018 – Bring on the GEEK!

My Five Highlights of MCM Comic Con 2018 – Bring on the GEEK!

MCM Comic Con Manchester 2018 We Are the Fans

Comic conventions are huge! They have really taken off recently and you can find so many niche conventions now it’s unreal! But one of my favourites has to be Manchester’s MCM Comic Con. I’ve been for two years now (I know, still a novice) and I have fallen completely in love with it! So here are some of the highlights of this brilliant community of geek/nerd celebration 😁.

5. The Cosplay


Now, I’m too lazy and untalented to do cosplay. It is a fact! And I do struggle to find characters I can comfortably dress as ( not so many options for a chunky girl whose hair is too big to fit under wigs properly 😂), without feeling like I’m gonna let loose a boob or have a permanent wedgie.

But, self-pity aside, it still makes me happy to see it! I love the effort, commitment and pure creativity these beautiful people put into their costumes. It’s a form of expression and it is something that was usually reserved for Halloween, now it’s year round and embraced by the geek community fully! So here are some of my favourites from comic-con.


4.The Stalls and Exhibitors

Now, no convention would be complete without the stalls and exhibitors that line the show floor. There is so much choice, it’s hard to keep a leash! I mean, the payday adjacent date helps, but only mildly 😂.

Shut Up and Take My Money

There were some amazing things on offer, from retro games/game systems, fan art, toys and collectables, vintage comic books, the list goes on! There was even a stall selling Marvel Laminate Flooring! I seriously want it, like everywhere, in all the rooms!

But we restrained ourselves, mildly, and this is what we came home with. Links in the images!

Walking Dead Pillow
Stunning Walking Dead pillow from The Gingham Flamingo.
Groot and Hulk Prints
Amazing Groot and Hulk Prints from The Art of Fish
Toynk Mystery Box Mario Style
Amazing Toynk Mystery Box. Super Mario Bros Style.
Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Resident Evil Prints
Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Resident Evil Prints from Smart Arts Gallery.

3. Welcome to the Kingdom with Khary & Cooper

It’s fucking Jerry and Ezekiel!! Right there, right in front of me! Fucking-A!

King Ezekiel and Jerry

Sorry, I shall try to restrain the fangirl impulses now. One of the best things about going to a convention is getting to see, speak to and hear from some of the amazing talents behind your favourite tv shows, films, video games, comic books etc. And this was a brilliant panel to watch. Both men are very funny, very sweet and very laid back in their approach. They indulge the audience at every chance with jokes and little tidbits.

Cooper and Khary Welcome to the Kingdom Panel MCM Comic Con 2018

Not only did they discuss The Walking Dead (floating the idea of a musical episode that I think would be brilliant.) but they discussed their upcoming projects. Khary Payton is the voice of Cyborg in the recently released Teen Titans Go! To the Movies film, based on the successful animated series. And yes, we discussed WAFFLES!

teen titans go GIF

Cooper Andrews is playing Victor Vasquez, Billy’s foster father in the upcoming film SHAZAM!. I love that Cooper’s ‘SHAZAM’ cry would just be ‘I GOTTA TAKE THE TRASH OUT’ and Khary’s would be ‘OH GOSH’. Kinda feel like mine should be ‘FUCK NUGGETS’!


Super fun panel with two brilliant actors!

2. Retro Replay

video games controller GIF

Mother forking yes! This was a definite highlight of my day at MCM Comic Con. In the interest of honesty, I had never heard of Nolan North and Troy Baker, the duo that makes up Retro Replay, before heading to the con that day. So when we walked into the main hall I had no idea what to expect. And, frick me, I’m so happy with what I found!

Nolan and Troy are a hilarious duo that manages to tangent constantly between personal stories, bursts of song and actually playing video games. It was incredibly fun just to watch two people shoot the shit while playing Disney’s Aladdin on the NES. I bloody struggled with this game when I tried to play it! Granted I was about six when I played it, but still, I was awful! So it was nice to see others struggle and share my pain 😂.

Video Games GIF

I left with face ache from laughing and a new YouTube channel to subscribe to!

1. The atmosphere of acceptance, joy and just plain fucking geekery!

happy bob's burgers GIF

I know, I know! What a fucking cop out right! But seriously, bear with me!

The best thing about any convention: comic, anime, film, horror, whatever your own personal vice, is the god damn atmosphere! Being surrounded by others who love the same things as you do is therapeutic. It feels welcoming, and just like home.

MCM Comic Con has a stunning mood to the entire day. People wore their fandoms on their sleeve, interacted through quotes and let their geek flags fly high.


Fandom and the geek community is fascinating and just a sheer joy to watch people fully embrace. So grab your favourite cosplay, unique geeky t-shirt or just your sense of fun and get yourself down to your nearest Comic Convention! I promise you won’t regret it! 🙂

Did you go to MCM Manchester Comic Con? What are your favourite things about conventions?

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